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General Info


Shipping Info

Flat Rate of  $5.99!


Payment Options

Credit or Debit Card only!


Fun Facts

  • About half the styles are named after dogs!

  • Lashes get easier to apply with each use. The band will mold to your eye shape and by around the third use, it should get easier and easier to apply your lashes. 

  • Malibu Lash Co. lashes are 100% real mink!

  • Malibu Lash Co. lashes have a dark band, so they give the illusion that you are wearing eyeliner!

  • The style Jack is named after the owner of Malibu Lash Co., Jacqueline Schott.

  • Malibu Lash Co. donates 10% of proceeds every month to a different cause!

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